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7 Things to Know Before Your Next Flight on A Luxury Aircraft Charter

Whether you have just booked your first flight on a luxury aircraft charter or were even just considering the idea of flying with a luxury jet group, there are some quick facts you should read up on prior to heading on the flight.

What to Know Before Your Aircraft Charter Flight

It can be best to have an idea of what to expect when you will be flying on a luxury private jet charter or aircraft charter. If it's your first time flying on one of the luxury private jets or aircraft, then you should make sure that you know these quick bullet points on flying privately.

1.) In-Flight Catering Offered

A majority of private aircraft charter companies offer in-flight catering onboard while you are headed to your preferred destination. The benefit of having in-flight catering is not only that you are served glorious meals, but you are also waited on for the duration of your flight. From luxurious meals to treats, it can be a delight to receive catering when flying to your location in class.

2.) Arrival Airport of Your Choice

Unlike an airplane you may taken before to get from one point to another, a private luxury aircraft charter is able to arrive at any private airport. This can be convenient because you may choose to have the aircraft land closer to your final destination. While some public airports may be over an hour or so away from your final destination, you can choose a nearby private airport for landing and slash your travel time in half. You also have the ability to choose the times of both your departure and return flight.

3.) You Get the High Quality of Care You Pay For

Just like when you buy a luxury car for its value, you get the high quality benefits and features of a luxury aircraft charter that you pay for. If you truly want the luxury aircraft experience, then you get all of the features that go with it, including the catering, personal preferences and privacy.

4.) Jets Can Fly One Way With Passengers and Empy on the Return Flight

If you were not aware of it before, then you should know that even private luxury jets and aircrafts can fly one way with passengers and then back empty! While airplanes typically carry passengers both ways, private jets can fly one way and then end up with no passengers going in another direction regardless. So why not try to catch a deal and fly on a private jet charter?

5.) You Can Get Great Deals on Empty Leg Flights

The return flight no passengers, which are known as empty legs, can make a sweet deal for you if your travel plans and times permit for the flight back. These empty legs end up being great travel deals because if you weren't aboard, the plane would be scheduled to fly back anyways. Empty leg flights are great because the expense is far less than it would normally be to fly on a private jet charter, which makes the deal almost unbelievable since you fly in luxury at a reasonable price. Trying to catch an emply leg flight, or a flight that is returning with no passengers after it has delivered passengers one way, may seem tricky because of needing to catch an empty leg with times that coordinate to your needs but it is possible and worth rearranging your schedule times if need be!

6.) Concierge Services Provided

On private jet flights, there is typically a concierge team provided. It's important to make sure of this before spending your money a private luxury jet because after all, you are wanting the full experience you are paying for! At Skynet Aviation, we always provide concierge services on all of our flights because we believe you deserve only the finest on a luxury aircraft charter flight.

7.) Fastest, Most Convenient Flight You'll Ever Be On

Because of the dedicated flight staff, fast flight provided by pilots, and catered food options, flying on a luxury private jet is a breeze and simply luxurious. When you can arrive at your preferred destination as fast as possible and in style, why wouldn't you take up the offer? Skynet Aviation offers you the best possible travel method in the air.

Fly On a Luxury Aircraft Charter from Skynet Aviation

When you fly on a luxury charter aircraft from Skynet Aviation, you can count on the most exceptional features being provided. Skynet Aviation is dedicated to creating the best possible experience for every flying patron. So whether it is going to be your first flight on a private jet charter or another exciting adventure on a luxury charter aircraft, Skynet Aviation wants to provide outstanding services and features to maximiz your experience. Book your private jet and aircraft charter today.


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