Private Jet Sales | Boca Raton Private Jet Sales
Private Jet Sales | Boca Raton Private Jet Sales

Private Jet Sales

Private Jet Sales | Boca Raton Private Jet Sales
It's impossible to overstate the excitement of buying your own aircraft – but it can also be a challenging process. With our advice, experience and guidance we can ensure you make the right choices and enjoy the exhilarating experience of aircraft ownership experience.

We start with an in-depth assessment of exactly what you need, asking key questions such as:
  • Where will you travel and how often?
  • How often will you travel and what will be your passenger list?
  • What are your crew requirements?
  • Where will your aircraft be based and maintained?
  • What is your budget for purchase, operating costs and any refurbishments?
  • What are your timescales for delivery?
Once we fully understand your situation we will scour the market before presenting you with a portfolio of the most appropriate aircraft. You simply make your choice and we will help negotiate the best contracts to make the purchase as easy and seamless as possible.
Private Jet Sales | Boca Raton Private Jet Sales
Should you need to sell an aircraft, we can help. We work on a completely transparent fixed fee, with no hidden costs. We will help identify potential buyers, liaise with media and marketing specialists and handle all the legal paperwork.
Private Jet Sales | Boca Raton Private Jet Sales
Comprehensive business aviation solutions that provide you flexibility, reliability, security and profitability.

It is not by chance that SkyNet Aviation Group has become a leader in the business aviation community. It is our innovative and creative approach together with unparalleled dedication to our aircraft owners and clients that ensure our success in a complex industry. We offer multiple forms of aircraft management as well as custom packages that result in numerous options for you as an aircraft owner guaranteeing your satisfaction.
Private Jet Sales | Boca Raton Private Jet Sales
Unlimited Geographic Scope of Operations
SkyNet Aviation Group has a management structure coupled with the latest technology enabling us to manage your aircraft virtually out of any base airport in the country. With strategic locations in the Northeast, Southeast and West we can manage your aircraft from the base where you are located without sacrificing quality of management as well as profitability of charter revenue. We can also designate transient bases of operation for your aircraft i.e your corporation's alternate location or your personal extended vacation home. Due to our global charter demand we can utilize your aircraft for revenue virtually anywhere in the world.

Substantial Operational Savings Enabling Aircraft Profitability
Through our fleet bulk insurance rates you can save substantially on your hull and liability insurance policy for your aircraft. By hedging our fleet discounts for fuel through various providers you can save thousands of dollars per month on your aircraft fuel. We maintain strategic alliances with all worldwide International Trip Planning and Handling firms as well as OEM recommended Maintenance programs and pass savings by leveraging our volume back to you.

Superlative Revenue Potential for Your Aircraft
SkyNet Aviation Group is one of the preeminent aircraft charter organizations in the world. The result is that your aircraft gains access to innumerable revenue charter hours to offset your fixed expenses as opposed to your aircraft sitting idle.

Optimal Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling
Through factory trained in-house maintenance technicians and our state of the art tracking software we can maintain your aircraft to it's optimal condition, guaranteeing the protection and pedigree of your asset.

Unrivaled Owner Services
SkyNet Aviation Group has a professional team dedicated to your aircraft 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year. With a single point of contact, our owners can access accounting services, flight operations, maintenance and crew scheduling. Should your aircraft currently be in maintenance, SkyNet Aviation Group will provide replacement aircraft services, ensuring your flexibility all year round.


Purchasing a Jet Card from the SkyNet Aviation Group is risk-free with no hidden fees.

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Private Jet Sales | Boca Raton Private Jet Sales
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