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Chartering a Private Jet From Florida to New York

When you are trying to fly from Florida to New York, the best way to do it is by chartering a private jet. Avoid all of the hassles that come along with flying a commercial airline by choosing Skynet Aviation Group for your private jet charter from Florida to New York.

Why Fly on a Private Jet From Florida to New York?

When you charter a private jet with Skynet Aviation Group, we take care of all aspects of your trip, from travel to the airport, to catering meals specifically for you, to travel and hotel reservations when you arrive at your destination.

1.) Easy Booking and Flexible Travel Schedule

When you choose to book a flight from Florida to New York with Skynet Aviation Group's private jet charter service, your flight leaves when you want it to leave. You don't have to worry about choosing a flight from a busy commercial airport and sticking to their schdule. When you need to fly to New York, that is when your flight will leave. You can also avoid all of the traffic and waiting that you have to experience at a commercial airport. There will be no long security checkpoints and no waiting to board your aircraft.

2.) Incredible Concierge Services

One of the best benefits of chartering a private jet to New York with a company like Skynet Aviation Group is the luxury amenities that you receive. One of those amenities is our top of the line concierge services, including transportation to and from the airports, accomodation reservations as well as any other requests that you might have.

3.) Premier In-Flight Luxuries

Chartering a private jet from Florida to New York offers numerous benefits, including top of the line in-flight luxuries that you would never get on a commercial airline. First of all, you have to think about the comfort. When you are flying a commercial aircraft, it is crowded, cramped and uncomfortable. When you charter a private jet, you get incredible comforts, including reclining leather chairs, tables and anything else you might need to be comfortable.

Forget about peanuts and water (unless that's what you want!) when chartering a private jet with Skynet Aviation Group. Get any type of special refreshments or catered meals that you want when you fly with us. Do you have any allergies or special requests for types of meals that you may want? Let our concierge experts know and we'll be sure to have everything that you need on your flight!

4.)Choose From One of the Country's Biggest Fleets of Private Jet Aircraft

Skynet Aviation Group boasts one of the largest U.S. and international fleets of private jets for you to choose from. Is it just you traveling for business? Choose from one of our smaller aircrafts such as the Kawker 400XP or the Citation V Ultra.

When traveling with family or a few business associates, one of our midsize or super midsize jets will probably be perfect for yoU! You get all of the amenities that come from booking with one of our Heavy Jets without the extra expense that comes from flying on a larger jet. Some of these jets include the Hawker 800XP, the Learjet 60, the Citation X and the Falcon 50.

When traveling with a larger amount of people or to experience the ultimate in private jet luxury, one of our heavy jets is the way to go. These offer the most room, the best luxury and room for the largest amount of people. Some of the most popular "Heavy" or "Jumbo" jets include the Gulfstream G550, Challenger 604, Airbus 320 and the Boeing 727.

Why Choose Skynet Aviation Group to Charter a Private Jet From Florida to New York?

Skynet Aviation Group has built up an incredible reputation as one of the best private jet charter services in South Florida. We manage over 40,000 flight hours a year, with many of these flights being along one of the most popular flight routes in the world, from Florida to New York and back. Let us take care of all of your travel needs and fly you to your destination in luxury. For questions or to book a flight, call Skynet Aviation Group today at 800-929-JETS (5387).


Purchasing a Jet Card from the SkyNet Aviation Group is risk-free with no hidden fees.

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