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SkyNet Aviation Group is a World Class Charter Broker with access to every type of aircraft and air carrier for every conceivable mission in all parts of the world.

Skynet Aviation Group offers Empty Legs on Private Jets in Florida. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “empty legs,” the phrase refers to a returning flight with no passengers. After a flight lands and lets out its passengers, the empty aircraft may just be headed back to its home base or to a new location for flight preparation of a new flight. Either way, empty leg private jet flights are usually empty and scheduled for flight with no passengers, which can create an opportunity for an inexpensive jet ride. The only catch might be matching the end location of a flight on an empty leg jet charter to your specific target destination. With SkyNet, we have several different flight options, so you may just get lucky with your empty leg flight!

As a matter of fact, we offer the most luxurious and convenient services of any private jet empty leg aviation company, so there is no need to look anywhere else for your domestic or international travel needs!

Empty Leg Flights

Here at Skynet, our global network spans the largest fleet of private air charter planes available anywhere in the world, which creates a host of opportunities for empty leg jet charter flights. We also have some of the top in-flight amenities, concierge services, and security options available, as well as the ability to fulfill any specific requirements or requests. Our pilots are trained far above regulated standards and have exceptional experience and training.

Private Jet Empty Leg Seats When You Need Them

If you're going to be flying regularly one way or have exceptional travel/scheduling flexibility, you should consider keeping tabs on our empty legs on private jets. It's simply one of the most convenient ways of obtaining discounted private jet flights from our top-class private jet network. When you consider the level of style, luxury, and affordability that go into our empty leg services, it's no wonder so many people choose Skynet Aviation Group for their empty leg private jet charter company, especially in Florida.

Benefits of Empty Leg Jet Charter

It’s always worth it to check the availability of an empty leg private jet charter. The concept behind private jet flights is changing, with one major aspect being that private aircraft flights aren’t specific to only wealthier communities. This expands use to business owners, solo travellers, and more. Though an empty leg flight on a private jet charter may not allow for you to accommodate your schedule, it is far less expensive, which can be an attractive quality. When pricing permits as a result of a flight being on an empty leg jet charter, the reality is that it is a sweet deal to take.

Contact Us About Private Jet Charter Empty Leg Options

If you're thinking of reserving an empty leg or other private jet charter, simply contact our sales team or send us an email and a client relations expert will contact you. It's very easy and efficient and we can have you flying in no time!


Purchasing a Jet Card from the SkyNet Aviation Group is risk-free with no hidden fees.

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