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What is the Best Aircraft Charter to Fly to Another Country In?

If you have plans to leave the country and are ready to fly in style on a luxury private jet charter, then your next decision to make is the type of jet charter to select for your flight. You may browse through a number of luxury jet rental options but may still wonder what is the best aircraft charter for when you are flying out of the country. A fast and spacious luxury jet charter can prove to be great qualities for the jet to have, but which private jets meet the criteria the most?

Best Luxury Jet Charter for Flying Outside the Country

At Skynet Aviation, we understand that you need the quickest route to your destination and that you deserve to be treated with excellence for the entire duration. When you are flying out of the country, it's important to have the best possible jet charter, which is why we recommend a popular private jet like the Gulfstream G55 charter. What makes the Gulfstream G55 so special in comparison to other favorite private luxury aircraft charter? With features that include a high cruise speed, extensive range, and design for flying internationally, it's not hard to see why people love to fly on Gulfstream air charter with Skynet Aviation.

Features of the Gulfstream G55 Charter from Skynet Aviation

Capabilities for International Reach on Gulfstream Air Charter

The ideal choice for a private jet charter should be capable of flying internationally, which is why the Gulfstream G55 charter was designed with this in mind. This desirable aircraft charter is perfect for flying overseas. In fact, within the first couple weeks of the private jet charter being introduced, a G55 travelled overseas. In fact, within the first couple weeks of the private jet charter being introduced, a G55 travelled nonstop from Seoul, South Korea to Orlando, Florida. The distance of the flight reached 7,301 nautical miles but the duration of the flight totaled to 14.5 hours, which became a travel record for the two cities.

Private Jet Charter Includes Large Luxury Cabin

When you are flying overseas for an extended period of time, it's better to have a large amount of space provided on the luxury jet charter flight. The Gulfstream G55 charter does just that with the exquisite large cabin room. The cabin reaches beyond 50 feet in length and passes just over 6 feet in height. There is even a baggage compartment to keep items out of your personal space. In addition to this, there are lavatories on each end as well as 14 Gulfstream signature oval windows. This aircraft charter, which is offered for personal jet rental from Skynet Aviation is open to allow optimal comfort during your flight out of the country.

High Speed Cruise Power

One of the main reasons that the Gulfstream G55 is believed to be so spectacular is because of its cruise speed capabilities being able to reach 528 miles per hour! The Gulfstream G55 charter is revved up with Rollys-Royce BR710 turbofan engines, which allow for a smooth, quick and efficient flight. This can be essential when you are flying out of the country and desire to get to your destination as soon as possible.

Wide Range on Gulfstream G55

Not only is the Gulfstream G55 capable of traveling at a high speed of over 500 mph, but this leading popular jet charter also has a range of 6,750 nautical miles! It is crucial to have a wide range when flying out of the country because the higher the range, the further you can go without a stop!

Best Private Jet Charter Flights with Skynet Aviation

At Skynet Aviation, we believe in providing only the finest of all popular aircraft charter, including the desirable Gulfstream G55 charter. When you choose to fly in luxury aircraft, you deserve only the best types of jet and aircraft charter available! That's why when you fly out of the country, you should consider taking the Gulfstream G55. With such a large range and high cruise speed, it is one of the best jets on the market. Book your private jet charter with Skynet Aviation today and fly in luxury like you deserve.


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