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SkyNet Aviation Group (SAG) is synonymous with dependability and quality in the air cargo industry. As SAG has developed, so has the number of industries that it serves. Today, SAG continues to provide the greatest customer driven solutions to the air cargo industry. By carrying the core belief of providing clients exactly what they want, on time service, and at an ultra-competitive rate, thus allowing SAG to provide superior air cargo solutions to our growing list of satisfied clients.

At SAG, we know the critical importance of each shipment and how much it means to the daily operations of your business. SAG treats every shipment as a highly individualized experience wherein your cargo moves swiftly, directly from your facility to the airline dock and straight to the specified destination. This is why SAG's air cargo services command immediate response and absolute trust.

SkyNet Aviation Group

At SAG we employ experienced air cargo specialists along with the best resources and the latest technologies to transport your precious cargo across the globe efficiently. SAG ensures that nothing comes between moving your cargo from point A to point B in the fastest time, carefully and consistently.

World renowned in the air cargo charter market, SAG delivers reliable and cost-effective air cargo charter services for, but not limited to:

Precious Metal Investors (Gold and Diamond)
Oil and gas equipment
Automotive cargo
High value commodities
Aerospace equipment
Peacekeeping support
Humanitarian relief cargo missions
Dangerous Chemicals
Heavy and Outsized Pieces

SAG analyzes route, payload and timescale in order to propose the most suitable aircraft per your requirements. SAG can provide pre-flight advice on packaging requirements, pre/post flight warehousing, and supervise aircraft loading and unloading. When you are working with SAG you are aligned with professionals who know the fastest way around the world. Our integrated fleet and experience of top-notch pilots allow SAG to chart the shortest logistic route for your shipment until it reaches the destination, all along assuring that there is no delay or diversion.

For a bespoke and complimentary analysis of your personal or company private air charter needs please contact:

Adam K. Hasiak
SkyNet Aviation Group
Direct: 561-962-0113
Cell: 219-331-9179 (24/7)

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