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Top 10 International Destinations for a Private Jet Charter Trip

Traveling for business or for pleasure can be a hassle when flying commercially. Choosing to fly privately is the direct way to travel, as private airports have less airplane traffic and quicker boarding. With the option of a private jet charter, you can reach more exotic, and international locations as opposed to commercial travel. Let our private jet charter be the gateway to the world for you.

Starting off our list are the Canary Islands of Spain

Off the Northwestern Sahara coast, are the Canary Islands of Spain. These mountainous islands feature white and black sand beaches with breathtaking views. WHile rubbing your toes along the coast, the Canary Islands also feature Volcanoes, Hiking Trails, National Parks, and an Amusement Park.

The next destination is Livingstone, Africa

Livingstone, Africa in the country of Sambia offers thrilling adventures ranging from safari trails, sightseeing, and the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls was discovered by Dr. Livingstone in 1855. It's the largest waterfall on earth, and one of the 7 Natural wonders of the world. A truly one of a kind sight.

Motoring right along, our next pit stop is at Monte Carlo, Monaco

Live the high life in the French Riviera at Monaco. Monte Carlo offrers a fun atmosphere with glamorous nightlife and incredible views. You can walk through the city's historic landmarks, the harbor on the French Riviera, gamble at its world-famous casinos, or watch the Grand Prix. In no time at all, you'll an "un bon moment" at this destination.

Take a stroll in Kings Landing for our next adventure in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia is a hidden gem of Europe with its architecture and gorgeous views. This destination has gained popularity, as it's landscape is used for the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. Immerse yourself in this picturesque city and its culture with walking tours, Old Town and the ancient city walls.

Visit where nature and the urban jungle coexist in Singapore

Singapore is nicknamed the "Garden City" and is home to incredible street food, eclectic budget shops, and gorgeous botanical gardens. The Gardens by the Bay, National Orchid Market, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove are among the most beautiful urban nature designs in the world. The culture collision of Malay, China, and India make Singapore one of the more unique and culturally diverse cities.

Go island hopping in the Pacifc at Okinawa, Japan

From cherry blossoms to rich culture and ecotourism, Okinawa Japan has much to offer. Okinawa is one of the first places in Japan to see the bloom of cherry blossoms. It also has a deep history of ancient culture. It's famous for its martial arts practice, warm sandy beaches, and delicious food.

Surf's up at our next destination at Australia's Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Australia offers some of the world's best surfing, and also offers mountain excursions and rainforest views. Take a stroll on the boardwalk with views of the south pacific. Eat at foodie hotspots, while soaking in the beach town vibe. The Tamborine Mountains offer hiking trails and lookouts at mother nature's beauty. Lamington National Park is the the third oldest in the world and offers an exclusive peek into the subtropical rainforest of Queensland.

Explore the Anes in Puerto Natales, Chile

Visit the charming and quaint town of Puerto Natales as it offers scenic views and access to Chilean Patagonia at Torres Del Paine. The soaring mountain peaks and landscape offer incredible views of Patagonia. The town of Puerto Natales is the gateway to Patagonia, and it has kayaking, catamaran, and animal tours. Take-in the Chilean landscpe by foot, bike or horseback.

Pack a warm coat for the next destination at Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

Inn this southernmost extreme of the Americas, Tierra Del Fuego is alluring, beautiful, and breathtaking. The landscape of its snowy mountains, wind-sculpted trees, and glaciers is the reason why local inhabitants call it "The End of The World." You can hike on a glacier trail at Glacier National Park. You can even head to Antarctica from here. Go on an adventure and get lost in Patagonia's wonders.

Take a load off and relax in the beauty and warmth of the Caribbean in Antigua.

Located on the West Indies of the Caribbean, Antigua is home to hundreds of beaches, serene island vibes, and crystal blue waters. Sailing and fishing are big in Antigua, and fun for all. On the island, you'll kitesurf the beaches, snorkel underwater caves, and can take in the sunset in paradise.

If you are looking to book a private jet charter to any of these destinations and more, let Skynet Aviation take you there. With our international network of jets, we can take you nearly anywhere in the world. Don't hesitate to contact us at 800-929-JETS for your next adventure.


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