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535 mph
Charter the Hawker 400xp Jet or inquire about the Hawker 400xp range or Hawker 400xp specs.

445 mph
Reserve the Cessna Citation V business jet or Citation V Ultra, or get the Citation Ultra specs.

466 mph
The Lear 60, Bombadier Learjet 60, has standard learjet range and luxury quality.

500 mph
Charter the Hawker 900, learn about the Hawker 900xp range or Hawker 900xp specifications.

492 mph
The Dassault Falcon 50 charter service.

605 mph
The Cessna Citation X with Citation X specifications and Citation X range listings.

498 mph
Gulfstream air charter options for a Gulfstream G550 charter.

487 mph
The Bombadier Challenger 605 is a premier Challenger private jet.

Private Jet Charter Service

SkyNet Aviation Group is a premier global private aircraft network providing private jet charters, luxury air charter services, cargo service transportation opportunities, and air ambulance services through our robust network of close to 400 different types of aircraft (with thousands positioned worldwide), including helicopters and turbo-props, small, medium, heavy and jumbo jets as well as air cargo service and air ambulance service medical transportation aircraft.

We've created a unique business model which unites thousands of luxury aircraft types and styles, owners and operators, from all over the world into a cohesive private network, providing our clients with access to the finest, safest, and most luxurious private business jets for their air charter and private jet charter service needs. With exclusive agreements in place, SAG not only has the ability to offer significantly discounted pricing and the most efficient charter options but we will do so on the newest aircraft available within the industry.

Our ever-evolving model allows us to easily adapt to the uncertainty and last minute scheduling that our clients experience on a daily basis. By creating such a robust SAG Network, we have the ability to be very resourceful with any given itinerary and are not constrained to a fixed set of aircraft in one particular area but have thousands of aircraft options strategically placed around the world. Whether the itinerary consists of a one-way, round-trip, or multi-leg charter, every aspect of the mission will be carefully planned and executed to perfection. We take care of the details so that you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Private Air Charter Service Safety

At SAG, safety is our absolute #1 goal as we utilize only the highest rated aircraft available for all of our air charter services, private jet charter services, air ambulance services, and cargo services. Every aircraft within the SAG Network has been audited by 3rd party safety rating agencies such as Wyvern, ARGUS and IATA. Every vendor must successfully complete an in-depth safety check prior to the trip and an annual independent safety audit.

These requirements go above and beyond standard Federal Aviation Administration-FAA requirements, and our client relations team here at SAG can provide all insurance information and add passenger/company as additional insured at no extra cost.

We can also provide the aircraft's flight history and the experience of the crew. As a member of the National Business Aviation Association-NBAA, we adhere to the highest safety standards in the private aviation industry.

Air Cargo Services, Cargo Shipping Services, and Cargo transportation Services

Corporate business travel is just one facet of the SAG Network as our focus remains equally on international and domestic air cargo charters that can quite efficiently provide a host of premium air cargo services including premium cargo transportation services and cargo shipping services.

Our private aviation experts have years of experience at arranging air cargo charter flights to the parts of the world that are hard to reach - and usually demand extensive research, organization and execution.

Our global network makes any cargo service needs a breeze and SAG swiftly delivers reliable and cost-effective chartered air cargo services for: high value commodities, automotive cargo, heavy and outsized pieces, oil and gas equipment, aerospace equipment, and humanitarian relief needs to name a few.

Air Ambulance Services & Air Ambulance Charter Options

SkyNet Aviation Group is committed to providing the highest level of care to families and patients in need through air ambulance charter transportation and full service air ambulance flights to anywhere in the world. We will tailor the medical needs of the patient to the type of aircraft, medical equipment requirements, and medical crew, all while keeping the cost low so our patient's families can focus on what's really important.

All air ambulance jets and air ambulance medical aircraft within the SAG Network are outfitted with the highest trained flight medical staff and the latest state of the art medical and cardiac medflight equipment. These network aircraft are dedicated as highly efficient medical transports and are equipped with IV pumps & emergency medication, ventilators, pacemakers, defibrillators, medical oxygen and cardiac monitors to meet the needs of the most complex, critically ill patient.

Personalized Aircraft Charter Services

At SAG, we excel at exceeding expectations and work extremely hard to ensure that every detail of our private jet charter service fully meets the diverse needs of every client. It is important to us that every passenger is comfortable and every trip is personally designed with our clients business or personal travel needs in mind. As a member of the SAG Network, you will be assigned your own Private Travel Coordinator that can be relied upon for all logistical aspects of your itinerary.

Your coordinator will be flight following every detail to ensure nothing but success. Our concierge personalized aircraft charter services include (but are not limited to):

  • Discounted Ground Transportation - Any vehicle type will be waiting upon your arrival (Luxury and Exotic Vehicles, Limousines, Luxury Coaches) SAG has VIP membership accounts with most major car rental companies. (Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, Avis and More!)
  • Restaurant Reservations - Last minute access to the best tables at some of the world's most renowned dining establishments.
  • Hotel Accommodations - We work with a wide range of 5 star luxury hotels and resorts in all top exotic locations and business centers. Coming into town for a major sporting/entertainment event? SAG already has a room block reserved for most major events.
  • Theater, Concert, and Sports Tickets
  • In-Flight Spa & Specialty Services - Masseuses, nail technicians, and hairdressers to name a few.
  • In-Flight Catering & Bar Services - Full menus and gourmet food/beverage catering will be personally designed to meet any taste or dietary requirements.
  • Premier Security Requirements - Bodyguard chauffeured limousines, armed escorts for VIPs and Dignitaries, jewelry and cash pick-up couriers, hi-value commodities escorts, and more.

Empty Leg Private Jets

An "empty leg private jet" is a chartered private aircraft without any passengers, often on the return or outbound flight of an already booked trip. When we have booked an aircraft for an air charter service or private jet charter to fly ONLY one way, we need to bring that aircraft back to its original location or home base. SAG offers these empty leg private jet options and one ways at a significantly reduced price.

The deals that can be found using our empty leg private jet flight services, in particular for travelers who have open schedules and are willing to fly on short notice, are simply unbeatable. The only obstacle standing in the way of enjoying a discounted empty legs private jet flight is locating an empty leg that matches your desired schedule and geographic travel needs, but that is where SAG has you covered. Our vast network of global aircraft options gives us the unrivaled ability to offer private jet empty legs and one way pricing on a daily basis. Check our website - or with your Private Travel Coordinator - to take full advantage of these special offers.
Private jet Miami and commercial jet Miami services using our 25 hour jet card.
Reserve your Florida jet charter using a Skynet Card. 25/50/100 HOURS
Fort Lauderdale jet charter options and fees. NO CONVERSION
Reserve our private jet empty seats. NO CONTRACTS
Book an aircraft charter Florida style or globally with 24/7 availability. 24/7 AVAILABILITY
The Skynet private jet group is partnering with the Dubois Cup.
The Dubois Cup - June 1-3, 2013 - Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Sardinia

Dubois announces SkyNet Aviation as their private jet group aviation partner for the 2013 Dubois Cup. The Dubois Cup was established as an opportunity for owners to enjoy their boats, to put them through their paces and to meet other Dubois owners and friends. This invitation-only event is the sole Superyacht Regatta to combine racing and a full social programme with a commitment to raising money for charity.

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Corporate jet aircraft charter partners.
The Domestic Estate Managers Association is one of our premier corporate jet and aircraft charter collaborators, and they was created to provide a forum for private service professionals and approved service vendors interested in better serving and protecting the best interests of their clients. The fundamental purpose of the Association is continuing education and raising industry standards. Join now and gain access to local meetings, educational materials, webinars and a network of individuals striving to make a difference in the industry.

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Air charter and jet charter partnerships.
SkyNet Aviation Group, a leader in worldwide private air charter and sales is proud to announce their exclusive partnership with THG Sports, the sports hospitality division of the Marcus Evans Group. THG Sports specializes in teaming corporate hospitality with premier international sporting events to deliver the ultimate in prestigious and luxurious corporate occasions.

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Private charter options for national or international travel.
The Coffee Table Magazine is a luxury lifestyle publication geared toward a pre-qualified target audience. Through a contemporary eye, this keepsake publication offers its primary residents and members of Fisher Island a fresh perspective. The Coffee Table Magazine delivers a curated luxury magazine that speaks to the interest and hobbies of its primary audience of affluent residents and members through an ultra-sophisticated lens.

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Boca aviation and air ambulance Florida partnerships.
Yacht Owners Direct provides a unique and easy-to-use platform for all yacht and boat owners, captains, managers and central agents to list their boats available for charter or sales.

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Voted the best among jet charter companies by our partners is the Skynet Company.

Classic Vacations a premier provider of vacations for discerning travelers offering a full line of luxury accommodations, (including suites, villas, and residences) tours and excursions in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. Travel agents have always relied on Classic to help create exceptional travel experiences for their clients.

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